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Promising toys in bright colors that also deliver what they promise: innovation, new experiences and joy, either alone or as a couple. The European lifestyle brand represents modern concepts and adult toys with attractive design elements. Aesthetics and function go hand in hand here.

WEARWATCH not only wants to make simple sex toys, but also to enhance interpersonal experience. A high goal that is constantly being reached. All toys are high quality and add fun and variety to every drawer on the nightstand.


Our toys are colorful and come in all and include WATCHME technology, They represent free, playful and passionate sexuality, for all sexes, genders and orientations, whether they are alone, together, in bed, in a bathtub or in a car. The important thing is to feel good, laugh and have a lot of fun!

There are so many ways to get turned on. That's why we make a selection of exclusive toys! We hope to help you explore your desires, change your habits, and stay open to new things. We champion sex toys that do more than get rave reviews bring happiness to people. We want to satisfy you in every way. Because life is too short not to have really fun sex!

4 Colors and possible ways to combine them complete our goal of BE HAPPY, Are you going to the gym? Take the combination with a Pink or Green watch. Are you going to the movies or to dinner? Take the watch combination in White or Black. You get up happy? Take cheerful colors, do you have a neutral day? Take the White or Black…. Your mood marks the fun in sex.


We give you reasons why we are here, and why we launched a brand for everyone and for all lifestyles.

Day after day, we have put everything we know into our products. WEARWATCH was born from the philosophy of life, joy, sex and complicity. All our knowledge, skills and experience. Our name says it all: WEARWATCH is synonymous with high-quality toys that keep you coming back… coming back for more. For that to happen, we are always trying new things. We learn, innovate, and research new techniques every day. Creating a new engine or program is all about finding the right stimulation to suit any mood, hotspot or body in ways that speak for themselves.

We love our work so you should know that WEARWATCH is assembled in Seville. love and attention to assemble the final product that ends up in your hands. All the processes, the design work, the equipment, the manufacturing and the positioning, we do it all here in one place because it is our goal, because we love creating our toys and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Now let's talk about what's new in WEARWATCH.

WEARWATCH toys include WATCHME clock technology, with the included clock and ready to use with or without the remote control. But what is this technology?

It is a sex smart watch that will help you control WEARWATCH sex toys, we can synchronize them with sex toys that use watchme technology to control the vibrations and functions of our sextoy.

  • Functions of a WATCHME watch

In a WATCHME watch there are some outstanding functions that we go on to detail:

  • Activate / Deactivate vibration.
  • Modify vibration modes
  • Modify the intensities in each vibration mode.

But are WEARWATCH toys also waterproof?

Yes, of course, it is waterproof and it will be your perfect companion both in a romantic hot tub and under the comfortable sheets at home. The underwater vibrations of this fun companion are perceived by many couples as particularly intense.

WEAR WATCH DUAL is a vibrator for couples, both for her and for him. Its special shape allows both members of the couple to be stimulated with spectacular vibrations during sex. The woman wears the vibrator during sex, so it not only stimulates her G-spot and clitoris, but also her partner's penis. The thinner end of this pleasure-giving sexual wellness toy is inserted into the vagina first and the larger end is placed on the clitoris. Two powerful motors excite the clitoris, vagina and penis at the same time in an exciting way and make your sexual act impressive. The snug U-shape offers extra comforting firmness and wonderful pressure on your most beautiful parts of lust.

Dual can be used for solo masturbation.

This vibrator is made of flexible medical silicone and can be placed comfortably and gently on the skin. The special thing about this sexual wellness product is the wireless remote control, with which you can easily control pleasure from the watch without breaking the arousal state. You can select from 7 exciting vibration programs with varying degrees of intensity.

  • Soft pulsating frequency vibrator
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Rechargeable by USB
  • 7 vibration modes
  • Intensity control in each mode
  • WATCHME technology remote control watch
  • Contoured to precisely stimulate your pleasure points
  • Suitable for internal and external stimulation.
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and hotter than hot baths
  • 100% vegan vibrator

But this is not all, play with a guarantee because we offer you 2 years of guarantee so that your toy lasts a long time.


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