• Марка: Philips
  • Тип: D Алкален
  • Технология: Алкална
  • Напрежение: 1.5V

Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

D batteries are commonly used in portable music systems, large torches, and oversized flashlights, for ignition systems for gas heaters, irrigation controllers, and toys.

Alkaline batteries have a storage life of around 6 years, A D battery measures 61 mm in length and 34 mm in diameter and weighs 139 grams They are also available in rechargeable HR20 model, with the same diameter and thickness, their weight is variable depending on the capacity of the model.

Like the entire range of rechargeable batteries, its voltage is 1.2 volts and its capacity in mAh can vary depending on the brand and model.

  • - Brand: Philips
  • - Type: D Alkaline
  • - Technology: Alkaline
  • - Voltage: 1.5V

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  • Производител: PHILLIPS
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