Oxballs Cocksling 2 With Attached Buttballs Buttplug. Размер: 38 см. Почистване: Измиване с гореща сапунена вода или препарат. Проникване: 17,8 см. До 20,3 см. Диаметър: 3.2 см. Цвят: Черен. Гъвкавост: Еластичен. Предназначение: За мъже.

Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

It takes balls, Buttballs, asslock with built-in cocksling from Oxballs. 

Buttballs is our new asslock with a textured buttplug for an even more intense ass workout. 

The dual sensation of the built-in cocksling gripping your junk and the beaded pucker stuffer stretching you from the inside will have your rock hard hog dripping.

Made from our new super soft, stretchy silicone, a blend of silicone and TPR, soft like silicone, strong like TPR.

Buttballs unique asslock design creates a locking effect that keeps the sling firmly melded to your meat and the buttplug snug up your hungry chute.

Best of all, the knobby plug wriggles and writhes deep up your insides with every subtle movement and step, going to the gym or running errands has never been so much fun.

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Oxballs Cocksling 2 With Attached Buttballs Buttplug

  • Производител: OXBALLS
  • Модел: 37346
  • Наличност: 7 работни дни
  • 227 лв.
  • 216 лв.