• Изработен от материал: Неопрен, без никел метал и веган кожа.
  • Мек неопрен

Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

Make the most of your fantasies with this 100% nickel-free metal chain necklace, resistant and safe.

This BDSM accessory includes a large neck ring and a small metal ring with a strap to keep your slave under strict control.

This vegan leather, nickel free metal chain and durable slave collar is perfect for advanced players.

Use this toy alone or with other BEGME items

  • Made of material; Neoprene, Nickel Free Metal and Vegan Leather.
  • Soft cover of neoprene 

Sadomasochism is based on more than just feeling pleasure through pain. It is characterized by assuming the roles of dominant and submissive. The representation of these roles in non-sadomasochistic couples, within their erotic game and without taking it to the extreme, can be stimulating. Of course, it explains that this should always be a practice consented to and desired by both members. When these practices do not cause discomfort in the person or in their partner and are consented, we cannot consider them unhealthy or pathological. The S&M does not generate problems in healthy people." The only thing they must respect is the establishment of very clear limits on what is allowed and what is not, as well as some signal to know where to stop.


Begme is a BDSM brand with top quality materials made 100% with three quality controls and that guarantee a completely safe process in the Fetish game.


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