• Мастурбатор с анус вход
  • Капак за регулиране на налягането
  • Твърд калъф за съхранение и транспорт
  • Вътрешен текстуриран ръкав
  • Материал: TPE
  • Лесно почистване
  • С тази играчка се препоръчват лубриканти на водна основа Waterfeel.

Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

According to the latest studies on male masturbation, we can extract interesting data that tell us about the importance and incidence in the own men, being corroborated in the results of this macro-survey.

As an interesting fact, we could reveal that each man martubates on average 156 times a year, it means, around 3 times a week or, for example, the places where they do it are 30% in the shower, 22% in the bathroom, 30% in the bedroom, and the remaining 18% in other places such as work (around 1%)

In Jamyjob we have always had knowledge of both the benefits that male masturbation causes and the importance in the own men being evident in the indicated data, that is why we have been developing for years toys that manage to improve and optimize this habit so pleasant but common at the same time.

With this masturbator with anus-shaped entry, you will fully achieve our pleasant goal, its removable sleeve of easy cleaning, adapts to the body temperature and its inner channel is textured making the experience 100% realistic, as if it were real sex. You will only have to apply a little water-based lubricant, (Jamyjob recommends the use of Waterfeel lubricants for optimal lubrication). At the other end, you will find a screw-on lid with which to regulate the pressure and therefore the sensations.

  • Masturbator with anus entrance
  • Lid to regulate pressure
  • Hard case for store and transport
  • Inner textured sleeve 
  • Material: TPE
  • Easy cleaning
  • Waterfeel water-based lubricants are recommended with this toy. 

Jamyjob is the result of a multitude of studies linked to the use of top quality materials in its firm purpose of offering the latest technology on the market adapted to adult pleasure.

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