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Playing sports and eating healthy is vital to living with quality. And the same thing happens with sex life! With Happy Loky Kegelbeads, you can train and stay fit for your own pleasure marathon. Just to take the balls of pleasure for about 15 minutes a day you will train the muscles of the pelvic floor: the muscles that will allow you to enjoy some impressive orgasms. In addition, this training not only benefits you, but also your partner: a developed pelvic musculature gives your partner an incredible sense of narrowness.

Training is always more fun when you can measure progress, so this lush set includes 4 balls of pleasure directly: all four have the same size, with a diameter of 3 cm, but vary in weight. Start with the lightest and gradually increase. In this set, the lightest ball has a weight of 15 grams (normal), the next has a weight of 25 grams, we continue with another ball of 35 grams and the heaviest weighs 55 grams.

 Combine it starting with the one with the lowest weight 15 + 25 and finish training with 55 x 35. Training just a few minutes a day, you can personally take care of your sex life! Strengthen your muscles and give yourself intense orgasms. Your strengthened muscles will surround your penis with more force, a sensation that will clearly notice and will intensify the pleasure in the sexual relationship. Made with medical hypoallergenic silicone, the pleasure balls are easily introduced and provide a pleasant sensation. The recovery ring, also completely made of silicone, allows to extract the balls with ease.

The pelvic floor is a network of muscles and ligaments, which keep the bladder, uterus and rectum in the correct position. This musculature is also responsible for keeping the sphincters open or closed and its weakness or flaccidity, give rise to involuntary leaks of urine, which can eventually evolve into the dreaded urinary incontinence and prolapses (detachment) in the bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum.
The pelvic floor is weakened by different causes, although the most frequent are: age, multiple births, obesity, constipation, some sports, chronic respiratory diseases, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and lack of sexual relations.

The pelvic floor is also related to sexuality, because a muscle tone in the pelvic floor, will produce greater sensitivity in the vagina and therefore greater pleasure in sexual relations.
Apart from its physical effects, this training kit also has an important psychological power, increasing sexual desire, encouraging self-exploration and discovering new sensations to fully enjoy your body.

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