• Тип: AAAA
  • Технология: Алкална
  • Напрежение: 1.5V
  • Употреба: Bluetooth слушалки, дистанционни управления, медицинско оборудване ...

Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

The AAAA battery (usually referred to as quad-A) is 42.5mm long and 8.3mm in diameter, weighs about 6.5g, and produces 1.5V. This battery is also classified as LR8D425. o LR61 (IEC) and 25A (ANSI / NEDA). The battery is also known by its Duracell type MN2500 or MX2500 and Energizer type E96 number.

This battery size is most commonly used in devices that require small batteries, such as laser pointers, LED flashlights, glucose meters, and small headphones. These batteries are not as popular as AAA or AA batteries, and they can be very difficult to find. However, a typical 9-volt alkaline battery may consist of a pack of six AAAA cells, connected together by soldered tabs or circuit boards.

If disassembled, most 9-volt batteries can provide a supply of AAAA batteries. The average AAAA alkaline battery capacity is approximately 595 mAh.

  • - Brand: Duracell
  • - Type: AAAA
  • - Technology: Alkaline
  • - Voltage: 1.5V
  • - Uses: Bluetooth Headphones, Remote Controls, Medical Equipment ...

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