Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

The perfect dice in search of new emotions.

A simple, yet effective game, offering endless erotic hours, these dice are an entertaining game that everyone can win!

Includes a small, satin pouch to keep COVERME erotic dice safe. When kiss and mouth come out, you can say, pretty easy." Stretching towards your lover, stretching your arms and taking him by the shoulders to capture your lips on his.

Your partner quickly grabs the dice, mixes them mischievously and throws them at you playfully. As they fall off your chest, they land on the ground and read, bite, and neck. Screaming with excitement, your partner gets turned on and puts his hot, wet mouth on your neck, and then slowly and seductively sinks his teeth into your skin. A soft moan of pleasure comes out of your lips uncontrollably.

You ask your lover to blow a slow stream of hot air on the dice for good luck. Observing your partner, as you vigorously shake the dice in your hands, they quickly cross their fingers, anxiously waiting to see what will come out on your turn.

As the white die falls from your hands, you see the pink die slip out of your grasp and descend onto the carpet. You will be able to execute a thousand forms of game.


  • 1 action die (purple)
  • 1 place dice (white color)
  • Practical bag with the COVERME logo so you can store them and take them wherever you want so that passion has no limits

Technical characteristics;

  • 2cm length
  • 2 cm wide
  • Resin
  • Made in Europe
  • Body safe material
  • Without Phalatos.

Texts given 1

  • Neck
  • Ear
  • Ass
  • Mouth
  • Nipple
  • Back

Dice Text 2

  • To bite
  • To lick
  • To caress
  • Tickle
  • Kiss
  • Suck.

Languages; English, French and Spanish


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  • Производител: COVERME
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  • Наличност: 3 работни дни
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