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The definitive kit for pleasure and couples composed by the top enhancers in the market: 

  • Spartan Gel for Erection and duration + Olimpya Vibrating Liquid 

Spartan gel 2.1: 

Provides unique sensations, Spartan is probably the best intensifier gel of orgasm for couples, formulates a plant base and 100% natural extracts.

From the first application, all the strength and energy in the male organ. With a pleasant effect calories increases an explosion of sensations that only Spartan has been able to create.

Spartan is the most powerful new generation 2018 intensifier gel, never developed and for a long time that exists in the market

Apply gently with a massage in 2-3 minutes on the male organ along the entire limb and feel an immediate effect of strength and endurance. When using the penetration to the woman to pass the effect to enhance the pleasure in both, the change in the use of Chico-Chico the effect is equally exciting.
Specially formulated for the Man, it is ideal to have a control of the sexual capacity and to promote the erection

Spartan couple gel directs you to intense and multiple orgasms!

  • Cold and Ice sensation effect
  • Dermatologically tested
  • A base of natural extracts.
  • Compatible with latex and condoms.
  • No sugar, no gluten and 100% vegan.
  • 40ml container

Olimpya vibrating pleasure:

Olympia is the liquid of the gods! A powerful stimulant containing Cannabis sativa seed oil provides a lasting effect with a stimulation from mild to strong perceptible by anyone regardless of sensitivity.

It has been developed to stimulate intensely allowing a stronger orgasm.

It suffices just to apply a single drop in the erogenous zones and you will feel an effect at 10-20 seconds. A unisex oil that extends over the desired area with a gentle massage, after its application the action begins, a tickling effect begins.

Main features

  • Powerful unisex stimulant
  • Contains cannabis seed oil
  • Powerful tingling sensation
  • Liquid vibrator
  • Long duration (Up to 45 min)
  • Without parabens
  • No sugar or gluten
  • 100% Vegan
  • 6ml
  • A revolutionary effect for incredible sensations, use Olympia and improve your sex life!

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