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The unique combination of classic stockings with a faux garter belt is the perfect choice for women who are bored of traditional stockings under a skirt or dress. The luminous tights are decorated with charming polka dots.

Opening a Passion box is a Luxury experience, with a double box to guarantee the security of a unique experience. Thought and designed for the modern and dynamic woman.

Passion is lingerie manufactured in the European Union with strict quality controls, taking care of the maximum detail both in the manufacturing and in its decorative elements, designed for today's world, dynamic people with a desire to innovate and always feel up to date.


  • The product does not cause allergies
  • Does not fade
  • Does not stain when washing
  • Material: 80% PA, 20% EA.
  • Sizes: 1/2, 3/4
  • Composition of the set: Stockings.
  • Available in color: Classic black and red.


XS34/36MAX. 1551
S36/38MAX. 1652
M40/42MAX. 1753
L44/46MAX. 185



* What is it a DENIER?

A DENIER is the unit of measurement for the thickness of the thread with which stockings and tights are made.

The lower the number of DENIERS 8, 10, 15, 20, etc., the thinner and more transparent the stocking or panty. On the contrary, the higher the number 40, 70, etc., the thicker it is and the less the skin is visible.

On the other hand, there are opaque microfiber tights and tights, in 50 and 100 den, in which the skin is barely visible. Its use is common in autumn-winter.

Tights and tights with a low DEN number are normally used for the spring-summer season. They can be used the rest of the year, for example for ceremonies, since the thinness of the stockings makes them more elegant.


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